Re: Luggage Storage in Europe

When traveling - situations often arise where you would like to do some sightseeing, but don’t want to be carrying your luggage from place to place. Since we’ve answered inquiries in the past about this…we figured we’d share our recommendations here.

So what should you do?

Option 1: If your hotel/lodging allows luggage storage, ask them first if you can keep your luggage there. (You can also request a late check-out/early check-in too.)

  • Different hotels have different policies on luggage storage and may charge a fee depending on duration. Not all hotels allow luggage storage. But many will also allow you to keep it there free of charge - at least for the day.

  • Typically things work out fine. Ideally, you should receive some receipt or tag that you will need to show to pick your luggage up. This is a good sign as it means other people can’t just walk in and claim your stuff.

  • But we’ve also seen some pretty lax luggage storage procedures. Hotels often have a broad legal disclaimer that covers them and puts the risk on you - “We are not responsible for stored luggage.” “Leave luggage at your own risk.” While the front desk employee seems very nice and helpful, they may not even be working when you come back. We’ve had many situations where we were allowed to just walk into a room with lots of luggage and grab what’s ours (but where anybody else could too).

Option 2: Use a luggage storage service. Availability may be limited depending on your location, but most bigger cities - especially popular tourist destinations - have learned to fill this need with paid luggage storage.

  • Typically, you go online - put in your location and date/time needed and reserve your spot.

  • At some locations, you can also show up and if they have availability pay on the spot.

Popular Luggage Storage options:

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