Hotels: Save 20%+ at this Budget Boutique Hotel Chain (London, Dublin, Edinburgh, Glasgow)

If you plan to stay in London, Dublin, Edinburgh, or Glasgow…

Our partner Point A Hotels- which you may already know as one of the best budget boutique hotel chains - offers 10% OFF for simply signing up as a member. And bonus - right now they are offering FREE breakfast if you book direct.

And if you plan to visit the locations below repeatedly, you might want to consider their £99 20% OFF Travel Membership that gives you the following:

  • Save 20% on your bookings for a year, across their 10 locations.

  • Your 20% discount will be added on top of any seasonal sales. It’s stackable!

  • Discounts applied to member’s rooms only.

  • Free breakfast* even if their current free breakfast for direct bookings ends!

  • Guaranteed early check in (12pm) OR late check out (2pm).

  • Access to local partner discounts.

So it’s up to you…do the math and see what makes the most sense. But as an already affordable value option PLUS 10% off just for becoming a free member, they should be on your short list of where to stay next.

London Hotels (England, UK)

Dublin Hotels (Ireland)

Scotland Hotels (Scotland, UK)