Birmingham (UK): £5 Tickets to Bear Grylls Adventure (Ends October 8th)

The Bear Grylls Adventure in Birmingham is celebrating its 5th Anniversary with a special promotion…

  • £5 tickets valid from 30th September to 8th October

  • £5 tickets valid for the following activities: Archery, Axe Throwing, Climbing, High Ropes, iFly and Shooting

  • All activities are subject to availability

  • Number of £5 tickets will be limited and on a first come, first serve basis


If needed, use Promo Code: 5yearparty

Some of the activities offered at the Bear Grylls Adventure include:

1. Heights

To tackle the age-old fear of heights, visitors will be able to take part in Europe’s tallest high ropes course, standing at a staggering 65ft tall. Participants will not only feel the rewards of getting over their fears, but they’ll also receive breath-taking views of the surrounding areas too.

2. The sea and sharks

Guests can submerge themselves in water to overcome their fear of the deep blue before coming face to fin with one of the ocean’s top predators in an unforgettable shark diving experience.

3. Confined spaces

The site has a variety of different themed escape rooms on offer, offering a fun and family-friendly way to tackle the phobia of locked, confined spaces. Stay calm, solve the riddles and thrill-seekers will be free before they know it.

4. Falling

What better way to overcome a fear of falling than to take part in one of the centre’s climb courses. Inspired by some of the most amazing peaks from around the world, there are over 20 routes for people to choose from and with a harness to catch the fall, you can push, pivot and pull your way to the summit without having to worry.

5. Flying

Nothing gets adrenaline pumping then a free fall flight, and guests can enjoy the fun and adventure of the site’s indoor skydive – iFLY – a wind tunnel where you can combat your fear of flying in the most adventurous and brave way.

The centre’s recent lowering of the age restriction means that mini adventurers as young as five can enjoy a number of exciting activities onsite too, including indoor skydiving, climbing and archery.


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